The Layoffs Have Begun At 1100 Broadway



Layoffs have begun at The Tennessean this morning as the daily begins its transformation into the "Newsroom of the Future."

Newsroom staff were given calls yesterday by human resources with appointment times to talk about their role, or lack thereof, in the new setup. If you got an afternoon time, you are one of the fortunate ones. Unlucky journalists who got early times were laid off.

(Tennessean management will quibble with the term "layoff," but they're playing semantic games at this point. Everyone was forced to reapply for new jobs in the newsroom, and some will not be offered spots. The practical effect — a 15 percent cut in the number of newsroom staff — is the same.)

So far, here's the toll (that we know):

Josh Cooper, Predators beat reporter
Rusty Terry, Travel and society writer
— Jonathan Houghton, copy editor
Chip Cirillo, longtime high school sports writer
Steve Harman, photographer/videographer
Maurice Patton, longtime high school sports writer

Those who lost their jobs are supposed to work through Sept. 20.

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