PAC-Man: Stacey Campfield is Dependent on Political Action Committees



We've already directed you to The Stacey Chronicles, Metro Pulse's opus on Knoxville's Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield.

But today, the Pulse has even more on Campfield, and given our own history of interest in one of the nation's worst politicians, we feel honor-bound to pass it on as well.

By way of a reader's analysis of state financial disclosures, the Pulse reports that Campfield is addicted to PAC money.

And here’s what’s really amazing—only 36 percent of Campfield’s donors—for only 20 percent of his total donations—are from the county he represents.

So where’s his money coming from? Political action committees, either via straight-up donations from the PAC, or funneled through other candidates’ accounts. And although only 33 percent of Campfield’s donors are PACs or other candidates, 64 percent of his funds come from those donors. In comparison, less than 11 percent of Briggs’s donations are PAC- or candidate-related.

Campfield is facing Richard Briggs, a doctor and veteran of the first Iraq War, in the Republican primary. Read more from the Pulse here.

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