Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh Endorses Jennifer Buck Wallace in House District 51



We deduced as much when his name appeared atop this invite to The Elected Friends of Jennifer Buck Wallace yesterday, but here it is for real. State House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh is endorsing Jennifer Buck Wallace in the Democratic primary to succeed outgoing Democratic Rep. Mike Turner in District 51.

The former executive director for the Tennessee Democratic Party, Wallace will face attorney Bill Beck, and *former Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition executive director Stephen Fotopulos in the August primary.

Here's the full statement from Fitzhugh:

"It's a great honor to endorse my friend, Jennifer Buck Wallace in the Democratic Primary for the 51st State House District.

As the House Democratic Leader, I've spent the last four years working with Jennifer to protect the men and women of the House Democratic Caucus.

On a personal level, I know Jennifer to be a person dedicated to the highest ideals of public service. She understands the need to focus on what's really important: her district, jobs, education and people. That is the compass that will guide her and Nashville will be better for her service.

While she was Executive Director of the Tennessee Democratic Party, Jennifer and I were in constant contact coordinating a strong defense for House Democrats. Her efforts were especially fruitful in 2012, when all our incumbents were re-elected and Rep. Darren Jernigan won back an important Nashville seat. Jennifer was a huge organizing force for Democrats and these victories wouldn't have been possible without her work.

We need more people like Jennifer in the State House. While I have the utmost respect for the other Democratic Primary candidates in this race, I know Jennifer and I have seen her work to elect Democrats at all levels. We need her experience and her passion in the House of Representatives. I urge all Democrats in House District 51 to vote for and support Jennifer Buck Wallace for State Representative."

*This post has been updated to reflect that Stephen Fotopulos is no longer the executive director of TIRRC.

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