Afternoon Roundup: Dean in Memphis, Gore at Southland, Etc.



Several items are bouncing around our corner of the web this afternoon, so we'll just bundle them up for you here.

— Former vice president Al Gore spoke at the Southland Southern Culture and Technology Conference this morning here in Nashville.

"Our democracy has been hacked in the United States," Gore said. "The operating system has been taken over and it no longer serves the purposes our founders intended it serve."

Emily Kubis has more at the Post, with Gore commenting on the NSA, Edward Snowden, and more.

— Mayor Karl Dean spoke last week at an event in Memphis, where he said Nashville's public schools aren't meeting his definition of success.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean touted Memphis as the center of education reform and the importance of education reform in his own city’s future during a visit to Memphis.

He views success as “when a young couple is deciding within Middle Tennessee where they are going to live, that they pick Nashville, and they say public education was a positive factor in that decision.”

“That’s not happening right now,” Dean said, adding that he has been watching education reforms in Memphis closely as his own city searches for answers.

Metro school board member and political food fighter Will Pinkston was not pleased. Dean touched on other topics as well, as the Memphis Daily News reports.

— A goof by the Dean administration means the Metro Council will have to vote on funding for The Amp, by itself tonight. The council is holding a special meeting to consider the capital improvements budget, a wish list with five years worth of potential projects. Somehow, $51 million in funding for the mayor's proposed bus rapid transit project didn't end up on the list, so the council will have to approve it in a stand-alone amendment. It means what was to be mostly a formality, with The Amp money folded into the CIB along with a list of other projects, will now be a vote on the project itself. A tip of the hat to Michael Cass across the street, and we'll have more on it after the council meets.

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