Nevermind about More Non-Christian Coverage, Tennessean



The Tennessean is running a story about atheists playing at having church services. And this story has caused me to give up on advocating for any more coverage of non-Christians in the pages of the Tennessean.

Here I am, hoping for a story about people in town who aren't Christians but who are also shown to have "faith and values," and what does the Nashville non-Christian community bring forth?

Atheists who model themselves after Christians.

All are welcome at the services, Jones said, but people looking for theological arguments will be disappointed. Sunday Assembly doesn’t try to talk people out of their religious notions, just capture the best social parts of church without providing religious doctrine. Members celebrate life with poetry, lectures and songs such as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

If our atheists can't imagine some way to get together for an hour or two a week that isn't built on a notion of Christian fellowship being the end-all be-all, then it's stupid to expect that The Tennessean is going to come to some different conclusion about the centrality of Christianity to Nashville life.

You win, "Faith and Values" section. You win.


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