Sheriff Hall Meets His Lone Duke Boy


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In the past decade, can you think of any embarrassment coming out of the Davidson County Sheriff's Office that could not have been prevented by checking the internet? Is the group you're about to speak to a bunch of white supremacists? Let's Google them. Are medical professionals being unreasonable when they ask you to unshackle a woman about to give birth? Check. The. Web. Would a documentary crew ever ask to be able to recreate a scenario that didn't happen?

Yes, that last one is a hilarious doozy. Apparently, rapper Struggle Jennings was able to get his video crew into the jail because they posed as a documentary crew. According to Channel 5:

While serving time for drug related charges, Struggle Jennings, whose birth name is William Harness, was able to arrange a camera crew to come inside the jail and film parts of his rap music video "Black Curtains."

"They came to us saying they wanted to shoot a documentary," said [DCSO spokesperson Karla] West.

She said like any request for a documentary or media interview, she and an officer were with the crew and inmate the entire time.

"They sat there and asked him 20 minutes worth of questions, just as they would with any documentary about his life and different things like that. At the end they asked, as part of the documentary, could he mouth some of the words to his song and I allowed that."

I would love to know what kinds of documentaries West watches, because the ones I watch don't include the subject looking soulfully at the camera mouthing the words to his songs. You think that might have been a tip-off that something non-documentary-like was occurring.

So, now the DCSO is all embarrassed and they're trying to get the footage shot in the jail taken out of the video. Sheriff Hall even wrote the production company a letter.

Ooo, a letter.

Listen, it's hilarious bullshit that this happened. And, if I were Jennings, once I got back from Mountain City, I'd do my best to stay out of the Davidson County Jail in the future, because they're not going to be very happy to see him.

But there's no way this becomes less of a debacle for the DCSO, even if they succeed. They look like fools for letting this happen and they become the perfect foil for Jennings if they go after him and his people to change the video.

I mean, think of it this way. Before you knew that they'd filmed inside the jail because they'd pulled a fast one on the DCSO, did you have any desire to see the video? Me neither. And now? Of course people in town are curious. The controversy is great publicity for Jennings.

Worse than that for the DCSO, that song demonstrates something that ought to give DSCO nightmares — Struggle Jennings has some genius getting him song clearances. Sure, it's not surprising that he can get permission to use his grandfather's music, but getting the permissions clear to use his grandfather's cover of a Cream song? That takes some finesse.

So, getting hold of an appropriate sample from the Dukes of Hazzard theme song to illustrate that his life is "just a little bit more than the law will allow" isn't going to be difficult for him.

I look forward to the song about his troubles with the DCSO. And the sternly-worded letter from Sheriff Hall that will come in the wake of it.


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