From The CP: Gush ... Gush, Sweet Charlotte



This week in The City Paper, I look at the ongoing revitalization of Charlotte Avenue — especially the portion between what we are apparently calling The Medical District and White Bridge Road.

With the addition of M.L. Rose, Headquarters and, eventually, Porter Road Butcher, Charlotte is getting the tools for cool, but Charlotte is Charlotte; it's not 12South or Five Points, and its revitalization will have to be on its own terms:

From the piece:

"You don't always want to compare yourselves to Five Points or 12South," Holleman said.

Charlotte is different from those neighborhoods because the road itself is an important thoroughfare; it's functional. Furthermore, Holleman said, the neighborhoods along Charlotte are still home to longtime westsiders, some of whom own the commercial space on the street. Revitalizing Charlotte is a careful balance between providing the amenities that the new crowd wants and balancing the desires of the longtime residents.

Chris Veit writes “Charlotte Is Shaping Up!” — a blog focused on growth along the road. He's noticed that tension.

"In talking with people who've grown up here, they've pointed out West Nashville is an older part of Nashville. That's another hurdle. These people are resistant to change as opposed to other, new people," he said.

And the run Jason Holleman takes in the story? Four and a half miles from the West Precinct to the Courthouse? Yes, I took it with him.

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