The Tennessee Connection to the Aurora Shooting: Ammo



So how did the Aurora theater shooter obtain the 6,000 rounds of ammunition he had stockpiled before he shot and killed 12 people and wounded 58 others? The short answer, from this excellent excellent piece in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: He bought them online from a company in St. Louis that isn't really in St. Louis but is owned by a company with an office address in Knoxville that ships from a warehouse outside of Atlanta.

The Missouri secretary of state has no record of But Tennessee does. State records there show is registered to a company that also operates under the names, and, among others.

These entities all sell ammunition online. Each deploys different online store layouts and often different prices. Each lists a business address that leads to an Earth Class Mail box in a different city, including St. Louis, Atlanta and Richmond, Va.

But records show these ammo retailers all are owned by one company — LuckyGunner LLC. Its mailing address is an Earth Class Mail box in New York City. The office address is in Knoxville.

For the long and tortuous answer — and the questions its complexity raises — read the whole story here.

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