Racist Who Attended Racist Conference in Tennessee Still Being Racist Back at School



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Pith readers may recall the Nashville Docujournal video from the American Renaissance Conference, held at Montgomery Bell State Park, that we posted here last month.

You may then also recall (starting at about 2:27) a "race realist" sporting a Towson University T-shirt who gleefully recounted the tale of flashing a gun at "a couple of blacks" who had come to his door. Not surprisingly, Matthew Heimbach, as he is apparently known, would be the leader of something called the "White Student Union," which goes around at night looking for "black predators" around the Towson campus. Somewhat surprisingly, Vice published a story about Heimbach and his little racial purity squad. (And yes, the AmRen Nashville confab makes an appearance.)

Since launching the night patrols, Matthew has become the pasty public face of campus hate. He knows how to court the media, and the segments about him that have aired on CNN, CBS, the Thom Hartmann Program, and pretty much every news blog, all prove it. As such, going to Maryland and hanging out with him and his shadowy “comrades,” as we did recently, risks giving him the thing he wants even more than his own Rhodesia: attention. Yet accounts so far have treated the student as a vile curiosity rather than what he really is—the possible future of organized racism in America—and so we figured, what the hell, let’s go interview him.

“I hate Hitler,” Matthew told me at his apartment, in an African American neighborhood in Baltimore about 15 miles from Towson’s campus. He resents being classified as a “racist” or “white supremacist,” he said, and despises the KKK and neo-Nazi organizations. “They’re just low-rent thugs trying to make themselves feel better. Frankly, they’re an embarrassment.”

Ah yes, the Our Racism Is More Pure Than Your Racism school of racism. So erudite! But you already know about that game.

(HT: MPB.)

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