'We Knew It Was Something Bad': Nashville Runners Speak From Boston


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The Boston Marathon, a historic and typically joyous event, was marred yesterday by the force of two explosions at what should be the most exuberant point along its grueling 26.2 mile route — the finish line. The blasts killed three people, including an 8-year-old boy, and sent more than 100 to the hospital with serious injuries.

Of the thousands of runners who participated, 53 were from Nashville. Some of them crossed the finish line within moments of the detonations.

Over at The City Paper, Pierce Greenberg and Jerome Boettcher spoke with a couple of them:

Lipscomb University assistant womens track and field coach Jenny Randolph was two blocks down from the finish line when the explosion happened.

“I could feel it vibrate in the sidewalk,” Randolph said.

She looked back but couldn’t see much with several large buildings blocking her view. About 15 seconds later, she heard another explosion.

“Soon after that we heard all sort of sirens and saw emergency personnel rushing through,” Randolph said. “So we knew it was something bad.”

Randolph, her sister and former Lipscomb runner Caitlin Anderson were unharmed and still hopeful to catch their scheduled Monday night flight back to Nashville. Air traffic at Boston's Logan Airport was shut down for part of the afternoon, but FAA officials said it shouldn't affect tonight's commercial flights.

“I’m saddened by it — extremely saddened — and very thankful to be OK,” Randolph said. “I’m just most sad when I see things like this happen and how broken the world is. My first thought was to pray for the safety of everyone involved, that God would have his hand in it somehow.”

The Boston Globe has full coverage of the incident, the investigation, and updates from law enforcement officials this morning.


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