Guns in Parking Lots Have Led to Murder, Mayhem



The AP’s Erik Schelzig is out with a story that should make lawmakers think twice about voting for the guns-in-cars bill on the House floor this morning. Schelzig points to the case of David Aller, a handgun carry permit owner who was kicked out of Nashville’s Klub Cirok Nightclub & VIP Lounge for fighting. He went to his car in the parking lot, grabbed his gun and went back into the nightclub to threaten patrons.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and Aller was arrested. But the incident illustrates one of the obvious dangers of the guns-in-cars bill. Shouldn’t nightclubs, at least, retain the right to prohibit guns in the cars in their parking lots?

"If it's at the Waffle House it's one thing, but if it's Cirok's it's another," the club’s owner, Joe Savage, told AP. "You can't just say across the board it's going to be all right — because it's not all right.

"If this was a church and they were all nuns and priests, then fine," he said. "But that's not what this is."

The AP also looked at public records and found that 2,133 people have had their permits revoked or suspended for criminal charges or orders of protection over the last two years. Handgun permit owners have killed or been accused of killing at least 16 people in the past five years—four people in parking lots. One of the shootings started as argument over how close together two SUVs were parked.

Schelzig's story should cause lawmakers to reconsider voting for guns-in-cars, but of course it won’t. Republicans are thinking, not about public safety, but about their own reelections. Rep. Debra Maggart’s defeat last year taught them a lesson, and they are determined to make the NRA happy.

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