How to Get Women More Involved in Things: Ask Them



Over at the News Sentinel, they have a story about the sorry state of affairs when it comes to the number of women serving on the University of Tennessee System's Board of Trustees.

Thousands more women than men take classes at the four University of Tennessee campuses across the state.

Yet the 26-member governing board that oversees the statewide university system has only seven women on it. Three of those are faculty or student trustees who serve only one year as voting members.

Yes, only seven women. And it's fun to blame Gov. Haslam for this, since he's replaced the people who've left the board during his tenure with people of matching gender. But this has obviously been a problem longer than Gov. Haslam has been in charge.

But it's a strange thing when more women use a service than men do (say, college, in this case), and more women than men are going into the line of work that provides the service (say, teaching college, in this case), but the real power positions that guide the direction of that service are still primarily men.

It'd be great if Haslam made a real effort to get more women on the Board. We're over half the population. It's not like one or two or even seven of us can speak to the experiences of all of us.

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