Sen. Mae Beavers Talks Up Secession



You knew it was only a matter of time before one of our own freedom-loving state lawmakers started yapping about secession. Sen. Mae Beavers never disappoints. The Judiciary Committee chairwoman went on a rant over ObamaCare to the Lebanon Democrat yesterday and stood tall for states' rights.

You'll recall Beavers really hates ObamaCare because she insists it'll force all Americans to buy some as-yet unidentified guvmint health care. In response, she championed Tennessee's version of the Health Freedom Act, which passed overwhelmingly after the tea party jammed the halls of the legislature and demanded it. That law purported to nullify the Affordable Care Act in this state but accomplished nothing, of course, and Beavers still is all wound up about it.

She claims "at least 20 states have filed papers for secession with the White House" when actually it's only tea partiers playing games on the White House website. For Beavers, who must watch a lot of Fox News, that's close enough. Here's what the screwball senator told the Lebanon newspaper:

I'm kind of with the states that are declaring their state sovereignty over this issue, and my legislation pretty much stated we're a sovereign state, and the federal government shouldn't be able to mandate that we have to buy health insurance. ... At least 20 states have filed papers for secession with the White House. We are a republic made up of sovereign states, and I think that should be a state decision, and I don't think any government should be able to mandate we buy a particular product and fine us if we don't buy it.

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