DesJarlatest: Dems Release Boring DesJarlais-to-Haslam Text



Exhale, folks.

Gov. Bill Haslam's office has acquiesced to calls from the Tennessee Democratic Party for the release of a text message conversation between the governor and Congressman Scott DesJarlais. Haslam mentioned the text message to reporters while trying to avoid directly answering questions about l'affaire DesJarlais and Democrats, sensing the opportunity to hold a press conference and demand something, held a press conference and demanded that Haslam release the possibly-but-probably-not incriminating text message.

Pith doesn't blame them. You know, sunlight, disinfectant, etc. It's just that the text message turned out to be what is known in the digital parlance as "meh." Anyway, it's quoted and available in PDF form after the jump:

Text Message

From: Scott DesJarlais

To: Bill Haslam

Thanks for withholding judgment. I am happy to chat at your convenience.


Thu, Oct 11,

4:32 p.m.

The full response to the Dems' records request is here [PDF] and includes an unrelated letter from DesJarlais to the governor, because the request was aimed generally at correspondence between the governor and DesJarlais anytime from Jan. 1 until now.

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