NPT Reports: "I Thought Because I Lived in Brentwood, I Could Not Get Pregnant"



Tonight, NPT-Channel 8 airs the latest in its ongoing series on the crises facing children's health in Tennessee — an ambitious project that has already tackled problems such as child obesity, infant mortality and mental health. The topic tonight is teen sexuality:

With Tennessee’s teen birth rate one of the highest in the nation, and more than a third of all Chlamydia cases reported in Tennessee found among teenagers, it’s clear that adolescents in the state are not prepared to make responsible choices around their sexuality. In the sixth installment of the NPT Reports: Children’s Health Crisis series, Nashville Public Television looks at what it will take to improve the numbers and lead adolescents to adulthood with their health intact.

Tune in 9 p.m. tonight on Channel 8.

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