City Paper: MBA Facing Allegations of Improper Financial Aid to Student Athletes



If the pile-up of messages in City Paper editor Steve Cavendish's voicemail box are any indication, this week's investigation into improper financial assistance to student athletes at Montgomery Bell Academy is already the talk of Nashville this morning. A few key points that reporter Ken Whitehouse brings to light:

• At least three members of the current MBA Board of Trustees have reportedly paid tuition for students who were also athletes.

• One student athlete had a family member who worked for free for an alumnus who in turn paid the tuition.

• The father of one student worked for an organization controlled by a prominent MBA donor. The father worked for the organization during the years his son played at MBA, according to IRS records.

• One individual confirmed to The City Paper that MBA knew he paid the tuition for a student athlete outside of the normal financial aid structure.

• At least one student athlete had his tuition covered outside of normal student assistance channels when his parents were going through a divorce.

Read the complete story at The City Paper site.

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