The Tennessee State Library and Archives Makes Life Easier for Libraries Across the State



I have spoken before of my great love for the Tennessee State Library and Archives. (I believe I'm the only person in the state with a tree named "The Tennessee State Library and Archives" in their honor.) And today I'm happy to tell you that they're up to another awesome thing.

The TSLA has purchased an electronic cataloging program that will allow participating libraries across the state to share cataloging information and make inter-library loans much easier.

From The Chattanoogan's website:

“The electronic card catalog is another example of how we can use technology to deliver better service to Tennesseans more efficiently and cost effectively,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “This service should make life better for patrons and library staff. It is the type of service that TSLA should be providing to libraries across our state.”

I'm convinced there are two types of genius ideas: One is the idea that is so weird you can't imagine how anyone thought it up; the other is the idea that seems so obvious once you hear about it that you can't imagine it hasn't always been in place.

The idea of the TSLA acting like a kind of hub for libraries across the state to share information is one of the latter. This is a great way for even very small public libraries to easily provide their patrons with a wealth of material. Kudos to the TSLA.

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