Gibson's Juszkiewicz to Crash Obama Jobs Speech



Gibson Guitar Corp. head Henry Juszkiewicz has been a busy man. Not only is he fending off a big gubmint investigation into his business's allegedly illegal practices, but he has become something of a cause cèlébre (That's coward-speak for "famous cause") among the right wing punditsboro.

In the weeks following the Aug. 24 raid of Gibson's Tennessee facilities, Juszkiewicz has portrayed himself as a poster boy for the excesses of government overreach in the age of Obama, channeling the palpable rage of the Tea Party-set by playing the victim of Uncle Sam's proctology prowess.

Such rhetoric has apparently (wait for it) struck the right chord with Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who has invited Juszkiewcz to sit in during President Obama's jobs address before a joint session of Congress Thursday evening.

From The City Paper:

“Gibson Guitar is at the heart of this jobs debate, and is an example of exactly why President Obama has it wrong when it comes to getting our economy back on track,” Blackburn said in a statement.

“Maybe if the president spent more time finding real solutions to empowering small business owners and less time hindering businesses like Gibson, we’d see more new jobs being created.”


“While the President is busy delivering speeches, small business leaders like Henry are busy trying to deliver results,” Blackburn said. “The best thing President Obama could do is seek their advice, then get out of the way. Big government doesn’t create jobs, small businesses like Gibson Guitar do.”

Interesting, that bit about Gibson being a small business, what with its global reach and dozen-plus subsidiary companies, but it makes sense for Blackburn, who received $2,000 in donations from Juszkiewicz last year — the same amount he gave to Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper in March.

And Cooper, it appears, is also in Juszkiewicz's corner:

In previous comments, U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tennessee, has said he’s worried about potential “heavy-handed tactics.”

“I’ve contacted The White House and the Department of Justice to find out what’s really going on,” Cooper said the day after the raid.

While we're on the topic of Juszkiewicz's political largess, he has donated approximately $23,000 to the Consumer Electronics Association over the past seven years. This is relevant here because the main thread tying together his convenient anti-government narrative is that, because Juszkiewicz routinely donates money to Republicans, the Aug. 24 raid is de facto retribution by a Democratic administration that regards private sector jobs as a roadblock on the road to communist serfdom.

According to Open Secrets, the CEA donates its money to both parties, and, it would seem, in sums corresponding to the winning horse. In 2006, the year that witnessed a GOP takeover of the House of Representative, the CEA spent $57,300 on Republicans, versus a mere $29,000 for freedom-hating socialist Nazi wusses. Then, in 2008, the year that we elected the Kenyan Voldemort, CEA pulled a Benedict Arnold and lavished a whopping $91,500 on Democrats, yet only doled out $69,000 to GOP candidates (treason!). Currently, in the run-up to the 2012 cycle, this supposedly Republican-friendly lobbyist group has already given more to Democrats ($31,500) than to Republicans ($23,000).

But come Thursday evening, don't expect this reality to matter much.

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