Ron Ramsey Endorses Texas Governor Rick Perry



Im Rick Perry, and I approve this miracle.
  • "I'm Rick Perry, and I approve this miracle."
Ron Ramsey, who has been on a year-long quest to pretend he actually won the governorship, on Wednesday announced his endorsement of Rick Perry for President.

Ramsey cites Perry's economic success with Texas:

“Even Gov. Perry’s detractors concede that the economic success of Texas throughout the Obama Recession has been nothing short of miraculous,” stated Ramsey. “Slice the numbers anyway you like, Gov. Perry’s record in Texas doesn’t lie. I’m eager to see Gov Perry’s Texas recipe for economic growth served up to the entire nation.”

Wow! Nothing short of miraculous? It got me wondering what "nothing short of miraculous" looks like.

Turns out it looks pretty much like what the rest of the country was going through — a huge recession, though you might generously say "not quite as bad." (pdf) The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Texas in June, for instance, was 8.2, while the seasonally adjusted rate for the whole U.S. was 9.2. Of course, if you look at the actual unemployment rates, there's not a whole percentage point between Texas and the U.S. In that case the numbers are 8.8 percent for Texas and 9.3 percent for the whole U.S. Hardly miraculous.

Even less miraculous? The U.S.'s unemployment rate, as compared to June 2010, is actually lower than it was. In Texas? Up some.

Now it's this strategy of Perry's that even I, a staunch liberal, appreciate. The Texas legislature only meets every other year in odd years. So they met this year, cut the shit out of their budget and all went home. Perry will be able to run for president on the fact that he cut government spending and didn't raise taxes.

But come 2013? According to Rep. Drew Darby, R-San Angelo, who is one of the budget writers, Texas is "going to have to start looking at our revenue side."

In other words, Texas' "miracle" economy is going to lead to raising taxes — only after it's politically safe for Perry. So, if we use Perry's strategy in Texas as a guide, as Ron Ramsey said we should, it's "cut until you get elected on your no-raising-taxes platform, then plan on raising taxes."

Funny, that sounds like what Obama has been advocating.

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