Pick of the Day: Sounds Like Summer Feat. The Greenhornes and Turbo Fruits



Sounds Like Summer Feat. The Greenhornes and Turbo Fruits
Where: Hard Rock Cafe
When: 7 p.m. Thursday, July 7
$5 in advance, $10 at the door

As you may have seen by now, Jack White and his Nashville-based Third Man Records were featured in a recent three-part Colbert Report series. In the final installment, Stephen Colbert takes a tour of the shop, during which he picks up a copy of **** (“Four Stars”), the latest full-length effort from Third Man’s own The Greenhornes. White then claims that the record was given three-and-a-half stars by Rolling Stone, at which point Colbert prods White into playfully saying, “Fuck Rolling Stone.”

I’ll save my rant regarding onetime cultural behemoths Rolling Stone and their current record-rating system for a different time. The point? Former Rust Belters and current Nashvillians The Greenhornes are a valuable commodity we locals are proud to now call our own, and that’s precisely why we at the Scene chose them to headline the inaugural installment of our Sounds Like Summer series at Hard Rock. From their powerhouse Keeler-Lawrence rhythm section — which you may recognize from The Raconteurs — to their soulfully delivered, Nuggets-inspired garage-revival gems, the ’Hornes are a towering sonic dose of awesome. Also awesome? Fellow locals, Scene faves and garage-punk wild boys Turbo Fruits will be opening.

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