Netflix Will Rent You Movies With Anal Rape, but Not Trash Humpers



What a week for censorship! First, Kanye, now Korine. We'd heard through the grapevine that Netflix would not be allowing members to rent Trash Humpers — Nashville filmmaker Harmony Korine's "bleak joyride through Music City," as it was described in a Scene cover story back in May. Now we get official word from the film's distributor. In a press release (full text after the jump), the Chicago-based Drag City says: "Netflix has deemed the content of Trash Humpers to be too inappropriate for their subscribers to make it available to them."

As the good people of Drag City point out, you can rent all of Korine's other films on Netflix, none of which is exactly 50 First Dates. And is Trash Humpers really so bad, compared to some other movies that Netflix will rent you — say, Irreversible (nine-minute anal rape scene), Antichrist (self-administered scissor clitorectomy, mutilated-penis handjob) or Chasing Amy (Kevin Smith's script)? It's hard to figure what standards are at work here, but then, these are the people who paid $1,000,000 for someone to tell them how to do their job better. Surely they've got good reason to think Trash Humpers lacks the moral uplift of, say, The Human Centipede.

I know what you're thinking: I feel so helpless! What can I do in the face of this corporate tyranny? Can I make a difference by clicking on something and not doing much more than that? Why, yes. Add Humpers to your queue, join the Facebook group or, y'know, buy the thing.

Drag City is seriously considering going into the movie rental business!

Why not? We've just about done everything else in the entertainment business, putting out music for twenty-plus (and a few minus) years on whichever format the people fancied, and eventually branching into booking live entertainment (music and comedy so far), radio (wherever they'll let us broadcast - thanks WMBR, WNUR and anyone else we may be forgetting), the book world (hardback and paperback books, as well as magazines of various kinds and even a comic book), television (not ready for prime time yet), and finally, the holy grail of the entertainment industries, motion pictures. This summer, we handled the successful and compelling theatrical distribution of Harmony Korine's successful and compelling Trash Humpers across these United States, booking and promoting the film in fifty-plus (and no minus) markets, all told. This was followed with the release of the Trash Humpers DVD on September 21st. So far, we've sold several thousand copies in North America.

We haven't sold any to Netflix, though.

America's video rental service of choice has all the previous Korine films - Mister Lonely, Julien Donkey-Boy and Gummo. They offer the film he wrote the script for, Kids. They're also making available the following films: Antichrist, Irreversible, Emmanuel in America, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and all the Jackass films. What do all these films have in common? They all feature more full-frontal nudity, on-screen sex, violence, rape and/or murder than is featured in Trash Humpers. Some of them are in as "poor taste" as Trash Humpers. Or at least they wish they were!

Yet Netflix has deemed the content of Trash Humpers to be too inappropriate for their subscribers to make it available to them. From their perspective, they may be right: they certainly know their subscribers and their tastes, and might have a better awareness of their breaking point (we thought that might have been fuckin' Avatar). So it's hard to fault them. But we do love a challenge! We don't expect Netflix to carry anything they don't want to, for whatever reason, but it reminds us that this is the price paid when we allow one entity to control the lion's-share of content distribution. For a list of actual-factual mom-and-pop DVD sales-and/or-rental stores still fighting the good fight and carrying Trash Humpers for sale and/or rent, click here:

Or get a group of 5 "buddies" to each kick in $4 (still leaves you plenty of cash for meth and Sparks) and OWN the motherfucker for repeated beatings:

And if you are a DVD store that prides itself on carrying that which Netflix will not, contact us and we will find a way to get the DVD to you. If not inside you!

So why not pause for a minute, reflect a bit, accept that on many levels this matter is of consequence and then join the cause right here!:!/pages/1000000-Weirdos-Who-Want-To-Rent-Trash-Humpers-From-Netflix/123107424411951

"Boo Fucking Hoo" — Ian MacKaye

As you may recall, just walking through the Scene offices had an aphrodisiac effect on one humper in particular:

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