The TNDP Hits Up Grandma for Cash




You don't often count on "Blondie" for astute political humor, but man, today's comic hits close to home. If you just replace the yellow-shirted dude with the TNDP and Dagwood and Blondie with the people of north Nashville, you have the truth. The TNDP is walking around, knocking on doors, asking people for their spare change.

Yes, while Democratic candidates are also knocking on doors asking for votes!

I first heard about this on Friday, when the TNDP knocked on Mike Byrd's door and he tweeted about it. I assumed it was a brilliant scam. Maybe some drug-addict relative of an actual TNDP person grabs a few business cards and a relatively nice shirt and knocks on doors and asks for money. If people get weird about giving cash, he can hand them his relative's business card, which will send them to the actual TNDP site, making the whole thing seems strange, but legit. And, if they give him cash, well, happy day for him.

Yes, people, "ruse by a clever drug addict" seemed more plausible to me than the truth: the TNDP is panhandling.

Shall we count all the ways this is hilariously stupid?

1. Democratic candidates are out at this very same time knocking on doors looking for votes. Knocking on doors hitting up folks for money at the same time seems like a distraction from the efforts of the candidates.

2. How, then, are any cash donations tracked? If I gave the person at my door $5, how do I know that $5 didn't go into buying them lunch five minutes later?

3. What safety precautions are taken in neighborhoods where nefarious people are not dumb as rocks? If I were a bad person, or hell, even a more ambitious person, the lure of young folks with pockets full of cash and credit card numbers who come to my door would be very hard to resist.

4. Hitting up poor grandmas for money is just tacky. It's bad enough when the TV preachers come into their homes and convince them to send money they don't have to people who don't need it, but Democrats are supposed to be the ones who look out for the downtrodden. Going and sticking your hand in the face of people who aren't really able to say no is ... it's just hilariously uncouth. Aren't we also supposed to be the party of fancy-pantses? Shoot, maybe Dagwood and I just aren't of the right class to appreciate how okay it is to ask people you don't know for cash. But I can tell you most folks in Nashville aren't either.

Yes, of course, I tried to contact the TNDP about these issues, but no one got back to me. I hear through the grapevine that their attitude towards "crackpots" is "fuck 'em." Yes, often, these are the very same "crackpots" whose doors they knock on wanting money.

I will just say this. It's fine to have a "fuck 'em" attitude. Shoot, I have a "fuck 'em" attitude towards a lot of folks, often. But, if you're going to say "fuck 'em" about people, you either need to say it to their faces and take responsibility for having that attitude, or just think it to yourself and never say it out loud.

Because this town is not that big. Word gets around.

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