Smirnoff Icing: See, It's Funny Because Being a Woman Would Suck



So, there's this new drinking game, which I am hipping you all to because I'm cool like that, called "Icing." When I heard about this from my brother, I thought it sounded hilarious, since the point of the game is to force your friends to drink Smirnoff Ice and your only strategy for escaping having to drink a Smirnoff Ice is to already have one in your possession.

If you've ever had a Smirnoff Ice, I assume you understand why this is glorious in its simplicity and stupidity.

The Bros Icing Bros website explains:

Now there are some simple rules to the game:

1.) You cannot refuse an ice. If you refuse to drink the ice you are instantly excommunicated and shunned, and thus can never ice another bro or be iced.

2.) If you are iced by a fellow bro you can ice block. When presented w/ an ice, you pull out an ice of your own and reverse the ice on your bro. The ultimate ice insult.

I was already planning on how to introduce this to my friends. But, alas, this game is not for me. Because it turns out that the whole point of the game is to humiliate someone by making them like me.

Over at, they explain:

In some ways, the meme seems like a gift to Smirnoff: Free publicity powered by a marketing gimmick that's generated solely by consumers. Such authenticity is rare, advertising gurus say, but also risky. After all, "icing" is predicated on a negative message about the drink. Bros (allegedly) dislike Smirnoff Ice, which is why they derive pleasure from forcing it on each other.

Surprisingly, this could actually be good for the brand, so long as the game places more emphasis on its femininity than its alleged bad taste. "It's being positioned as a girlie product," says Honea. "If that's the association [Smirnoff] wants, then it's a positive thing for the brand."

Yes, Smirnoff Ice sucks because it's "feminine" and, so, by forcing someone to drink it, you are feminizing them. Oh, and it gets worse.

You only have to scroll a little way down the front page of the Bros Icing Bros website for the forced blow-job jokes to start—“BOOM! YOU JUST GOT ICED TAKE A KNEE AND SUCK IT DOWN YOU DIRTY GIRL.”

People, I can't even be mad at this, because it's so fuh-uh-uh-cked up. (Shoot, we may need more syllables than that to get across how fucked up it is.)

Here you have this perfectly nice, wonderfully stupid drinking game premised on a known fact — that Smirnoff Ice kind of sucks, and it's hard to imagine who would drink it for pleasure — and these chuckleheads have to make it about how being forced to act like a woman is degrading.


That's really, really worrisome, to put it mildly.

And here's the other thing I don't get. These are all men who, presumably, would someday like a blowjob or two. But what straight woman or gay man, upon learning that these guys think it's funny to joke about how awesome it is to force someone to do something kind of like a blowjob, would ever actually give them a blowjob?

This whole game, when played with the he-man woman-hater's club vibe, is basically made up of men, who think forcing people into sexualized situations is fun and a great game, advertising their worst personal trait. And then they put their pictures on the internet to brag about it?

Thanks for the warning.

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