Obamacare Eats Devaney's Brain



What was the point of all the windbaggery over national health care reform in this year's legislative session? We're glad you asked. It was all so the state Republican Party can engage in a little demagoguery and attack Democrats as supporters of Obamacare in this year's election campaigns.

After yesterday's House vote on the Health Freedom Act, state GOP chairman Chris Devaney was so excited he couldn't wait for the nasty mail pieces to go out to voters. So he dispatched a press release with this headline: "DEMOCRATS VOTE AGAINST BILL TO PROTECT TENNESSEANS FROM GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTH CARE."

Thirty-two state House Democrats tonight voted against legislation to protect Tennesseans from being forced to participate in a health care system or plan. Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney issued the following statement:

"People across Tennessee are looking to their state leaders to stand up to Washington Democrats on their behalf and yet these Democrats chose to silence their constituents. I have no doubt that come November, voters in their districts are going to remember the way they voted today."

For the umpteenth time, Pith feels obliged to note that there's no government-run health care unless Devaney's talking about Medicare or Medicaid, and we don't think he is. Also, this bill doesn't protect anyone against anything unless the Supreme Court reverses a couple centuries of precedent and rules that states can nullify federal laws. But who cares about facts in a political campaign? They're about as pointless as the Health Freedom Act itself.

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