No More 'Liberadio?' Say It Ain't So!



Memories ... misty water-colored memories ....
  • Memories ... misty water-colored memories ....
Here comes the week's saddest breakup story. From the Liberadio(!) home page:

A new decade can bring with it many changes as people take stock, revaluate, and re-focus. We have not been left out of this phenomenon, and as we move into the summer of 2010, after long and deliberative thinking and discussions, we have decided to end Liberadio(!) with Mary Mancini and Freddie O’Connell.

As of Monday, June 7, Mary will be the new Executive Director of Tennessee Citizen Action, a public interest advocacy organization, and Freddie’s new inbound marketing agency, SearchViz, is growing at the same time as some of his other civic interests and responsibilities. We both feel that now is the time to focus all our energy and productivity towards these endeavors.

Hat tips: Aunt B. and ACK.

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