Nashvillian Molly Secours Talks Health Care Reform on CNN


As Pith noted earlier, Nashvillian Molly Secours was scheduled to join Rep. Nancy Pelosi today at a press conference on Capitol Hill to discuss her experiences with the American health care system, and doggone it if Michael Jackson tribute station CNN didn't manage to shoehorn a little news coverage into their broadcast! In her introduction, Pelosi says, "For the American people, America's Affordable Health Choices Act will mean a cap on your cost, but no cap on your benefit.... That represents real change." Then, in a mere 90 seconds, Secours manages to destroy any argument for opposing universal health care, not by spewing political rhetoric, but by simply telling her story. The gist: After being diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer and undergoing months of chemo and radiation treatment, Secours was taken to the brink of financial ruin, nearly losing her house were it not for a last-minute intervention. And she had insurance. From a major carrier. And now, the same policy she had has doubled in price. And she's terrified to attempt to change carriers. "Now that I have cancer," Secours says, "I'm a marked woman." She continues:
"There are 47 million people without insurance in this country and they're not looking for a handout. There are thousands of people like me who have insurance, and they're not looking for a handout.... What we're looking for, what we're asking for, what we're begging for, what I'm begging for, is a current health-reform package that becomes law, so that people like me can receive adequate health care and aren't fiscally and physically ruined by getting a diagnosis of cancer."
See the entire clip here.

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