Blackburn Cheers as Health Care Reform Stalls in House


Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn wasted no time crowing over the lack of support for health care reform in the House Energy and Commerce Committee today. Again, she insisted TennCare's failure shows the government can't run a health care program.
"When you have government-run health care you cripple access and the cost skyrockets just like it did in Tennessee. We do not want that for America. We want to get to the core issue which is, How do we preserve access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans? How do we address the cost and access issues? We know that the plan that is being brought forward - the tri-committee bill, the Senate bill - is not going to get us there. It is going to get us further away."
Blackburn fails to mention that TennCare was managed ineptly in a state whose citizens always have refused to pay their fair share of taxes. Yes, if the national health insurance program follows that example, it'll fail too. By the way, our very own Bart Gordon is one of the Blue Dogs on the House Energy and Commerce Committee who are holding back reform. He says, "We cannot fix these problems by simply throwing more money into a broken system." Pith suspects Gordon is worried about another 1994. That's when the Clinton health care reform plan helped spawn the Republican revolution, and an under-funded candidate named Steve Gill almost turned Gordon out of office.

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