Please Boycott Pigeon Forge


Pigeon Forge deserves to die.
  • Pigeon Forge deserves to die.
West Virginia and Kentucky miners are boycotting Pigeon Forge because Sen. Lamar Alexander is trying to stop coal companies from blowing the tops off our mountains. Ha! They think we actually want tourists to come to Pigeon Forge. In fact, we'd love it if everyone stayed away. Once a quaint little mountain village, Pigeon Forge now is a loud, hellish place as anyone who's ever tried to drive through there knows. It's at least as ugly as a decapitated mountain. Alexander might not save our mountains, but it's possible he could spark the boycott that puts Pigeon Forge out of its misery. So something good could come of all his efforts, after all. Here's Alexander's latest comment on the boycott:
"I understand their feelings. But I have feelings, too. And my feelings are that millions of people come to Tennessee to see the beauty of the mountaintops and not to see mountains whose tops have been blown off with the waste dumped in our streams -- which is all I am trying to stop."

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