Man Arrested With Enough Meth and GHB to Kill Herd of Elephants



Dennis Okeefe, drug dealer extraordinaire who, by the looks of his face, didn't go peaceably

Dennis Joseph Okeefe, 46, known to his associates as "Poppa," has the dubious honor of being arrested with the most meth ever seized by Metro Police--961 grams with a street value of $460,000.

The investigation began last June at a community meeting with a citizen's suspicion that someone was selling drugs out of a Church Street condo. The case stalled with little to go on, but picked up this month when a police department operative purchased two grams of crystal meth at the condo. Police found another ounce of the stuff when they obtained a warrant and searched the home. The owner of the condo snitched on Okeefe, who was said to live in various hotels around town, supplying drugs at nightclubs. On Friday, Okeefe sold an ounce of crystal meth to a police operative on Radisson Hotel property. Police arrested him in his room, but not before he flushed something down the toilet.

Okeefe dummied up and has refused to be interviewed by police. Found in his hotel room were the 961 grams of meth, 203 Ecstasy pills, 177 meth pills, 64 ounces--yes, a half gallon--of GHB, also known as the date rape drug.

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