The Latest Installment in Franklin's Pollution Problem


This man was NOT responsible for the latest foul-up in Franklin. In this week's issue we tell the story of Scott Martin. The Franklin resident and his family have spent nearly two years dealing with the effects of a chemical leak from neighboring paint company Egyptian Lacquer. Cat piss, polluted water, terrorists: Martin's story has a little something for everyone, along with a heavy dose of frustration from months spent playing the pawn in a chess match involving state bureaucracy, dawdling private business, and non-profit activists demanding answers. It's a situation that probably won't have a tidy ending, especially in light of the latest news. Part of what's under debate right now is how much pollution is seeping into the waterways next to Martin's home. The company says the levels are falling, the non-profits say they're wrong. The only way to get closer to the truth is water samples. Taken once a month by a consultant hired by the company, the sample results are eagerly awaited by all parties. Which is why everyone was disappointed when last month's results never came out. The Martins, the non-profit and 9/11 Truthers everywhere demanded answers. Was it a conspiracy? Did the company get tipped off to some high readings and demand the test tubes disappear? Eh, not exactly. Turns out there are no mustache-twirlers to blame here. Our culprit is a much simpler animal: incompetence. The samples are only good if they're kept cold. A task made harder when they're sitting in the back of a pickup for an hour, in a cooler without enough ice. Just another small footnote in the Franklin saga. And another sign that Scott Martin and his family may be in for a long haul.

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