See Chrome Pony's 'Burnout,' Hear You Are the Pisces EP [Fresh Vid + Fresh Tracks]



It's been a minute since we've had some news from Chrome Pony, the local rock act revolving around brothers Tyler and Kyle Davis, and it's not because they've been slacking — quite the contrary. They've played out a few times a month, made a guest appearance on Wastoid, the new LP from Stardeath and White Dwarfs, and bassman Jon Gottschalk made a 24-hour record with local-dude super-group Fist.

The trio has also been at work on a new EP, You Are the Pisces, which is out today via Black Tooth Records. The record has plenty of the youthful exuberance that was all over their garage-y debut, Lazy Bones, but it also plays up the groove element that made Bones stand out from the contemporary garage crowd. The group got some backup from local rock MVP Ricardo Alessio, Ettes bassist Jem Cohen and others, and they co-produced the record with Andrija Tokic over at The Bomb Shelter.

You can stream Pisces in full below or download it for $3.50 via Chrome Pony's Bandcamp page. But first: While on tour in Puerto Rico, the boys were filmed by Schuyler Howie, who created a little tour diary to go along with closing track "Burnout." Check that out above — if you're into rock shows and general goofing off, and you aren't grossed out by someone eating pizza in reverse, we bet you'll enjoy it.


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