Pretty Little Demons Tonight at Fond Object



Lydia Night and Marlhy Murphy, better known as Los Angeles-based rock duo Pretty Little Demons, may be youngsters — ages 14 and 12, respectively — but you'd never know it from the fierceness and nuance of their debut full-length, Unknown Species. To get a taste, check out the above video for the title track. Partly filmed at Andrija Tokic's Bomb Shelter studio in East Nashville, the clip sets the duo inside The Black Lodge in the woods near Twin Peaks, while intrepid scientist Dr. Palmer (Alison Mosshart) and her trusty team (The Ettes) try to get to the bottom of some perplexing mysteries, laid out in a spooky intro by none other than Catherine E. Coulson — The Log Lady herself!

Though their shows last week were canceled due to van trouble, Pretty Little Demons are able to squeeze in one more makeup set on their way to play Lollapalooza. You can catch ’em in person at a free in-store set at Fond Object at 7 p.m. tonight, and you can keep up with the show on Facebook.


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