Planning on Catching Ray LaMontagne at Fontanel Tomorrow? Be Sure to STFU!



For a bro who sings chill, sensitive heartstring-tuggers, alt-folkie Ray LaMontagne isn’t exactly a chill bro. LaMontagne plays the Woods at Fontanel tomorrow night, and if you plan on taking in an uninterrupted, peace- and serenity-rife set under the stars, make sure you shut the fuck up during the performance.

Shawn Virgo and his fiancée learned that lesson the hard way last night at a LaMontagne show in Grand Rapids, Mich., where midway through the set at Frederik Meijer Gardens, Grammy winning singer-songwriter LaMontagne, distracted by audience chatter, stopped the show and launched into an F-bomb-laced tirade directed at the front-row-stationed couple. He then walked offstage, refusing to return until Virgo and his spouse-to-be were unceremoniously ejected from the 1,900-seat amphitheater, according to MLive.

Virgo, flabbergasted and perplexed, told MLive, “I could have sworn he was talking to someone behind us. ... We looked at each other and thought, ‘Are you really talking to us, because there must be a mistake.'” That, he claims, is because he and his fiancee (who is not named in the article) had only shared a single glass of wine, and had only shared brief whispers over how stoked they were on the show and how psyched they are about their upcoming nuptials.

Said nuptials and LaMontagne’s music are not mutually exclusive, as the couple had planned on using the singer’s tune “You are the Best Thing” as the first-dance song at the wedding reception.


LaMontagne’s tantrum didn’t exactly enhance the show for many attendees, some of whom took to social media with their grievances.

“This was the first concert I ever took my son to,” one man commented on Facebook. “He's only 6. I took him because I love the music but also because Ray seems like a pretty chill guy. So thanks for the cussing and the child-like tantrum Ray. Thanks for ruining my child's first ever concert with unnecessary F-bombs.”

This isn’t the first time LaMontagne has melted down in mid-show audience-member confrontation. In fact, it happened in Nashville once. At a 2006 Ryman show, LaMontagne saw red when an audience member had a less-than-reverent reaction to a blues song. “This guy thinks the blues is funny,” the singer reportedly bantered, going on to say what local blogger Janet Timmons reported thusly: “Maybe you'd rather be at home drinking beer, waiting for your children to get old enough to rape."


And so, just in case Nashville’s LaMontagne contingent didn’t learn its lesson then, those planning on hitting up tomorrow night’s gig better beware. STFU or else!

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