United Record Pressing to Add New Production to Keep Up With Demand



Thanks to all us vinyl lovers feeding the need to drop the needle on wax — no matter how much Steve Albini loves online streaming now — United Record Pressing is expanding.

This morning The Tennessean reports that United — the Nashville vinyl-making institution that recently (among many, many other things) fabricated Jack White's "world's fastest studio-to-store record," as well as another installment in its ongoing Upstairs at United series — is "moving to a larger location to try and meet demand."

Well, that's mostly true.

"We're certainly not leaving this building," URP's Jay Millar tells the Cream via email, referring to their historic spot in Wedgewood-Houston that is the company's current base of operations and also, importantly, home to the famed Motown Suite where the Upstairs series is recorded. (Sigh of relief.)

"We're just adding a second," Millar adds.

As reported by The Tennessean, the company bought "a 142,000-square-foot warehouse site on Allied Drive off Nolensville Pike."

Here's to more delicious vinyl rolling off the presses in Nashville.

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