LazerSnake Trolls National Geographic's Drugs, Inc.



Regular Cream readers are likely familiar with Nashville's clown princes of butt rock, LazerSnake. The band that I once described as a "nightmarish, tongue-in-cheek, Ed Hardy-graphic-T-clad, wig-donning parody of everything that’s wrong with Music Row’s version of 'rock ’n’ roll'" has been known to do things like crashing a Kings of Leon party. All in a day's troll for frontman Dusty Forsythe and his band of active-rocking jokers.

Well, it looks like the 'Snake recently took their troll game to a whole new level. Familiar with the Nat Geo program Drugs, Inc.? As you might infer from its title, the show explores the "multi-billion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet." The Season 4 finale of Drugs — which, I'm sorry to say, I only just discovered despite its airing back in October — profiles Music City in an episode titled, brilliantly, "Stashville, Tennessee." You'll find the entire episode embedded above. And amid all the presumably legit footage of meth cooks and task forces, you'll find LazerSnake. A fake band (featuring members of real band AutoVaughn) in wigs. Buying (real?) drugs on a National Geographic program.

Dusty & Co.'s segment begins at the 15:00 mark. In case you weren't aware, LazerSnake guitarist "Jeremy Forsythe" was busted for selling weed a while back (except no, really). Anyway, watch the LOL-worthy clip above, and see some of the more choice quotes after the jump. Also, this particular episode of Drugs, Inc. will air again on April 30; you've got a full week to round up your pals for a viewing party.

Hat-tip to Jared Corder of Repeat Repeat and East Nashville Underground for sending the clip our way.

Narrator: "Many struggling artists sell weed to chase the Nashville dream."

Dusty: "I need to have as much of my medication as I can, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout?"

Dusty: "This one's called Green Crack, so it should be pretty good."

Dusty, quoting the since-incarcerated Jeremy: "Dust, I got $50,000 buried in the backyard."

Drummer Barry Forsythe-Bohache: "It was a good idea at the time."

Narrator, being totally incorrect: "The band was about to hit the big time."


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