Cover the Earth 8 off 8th Tonight at The High Watt


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Good morning, my sweet little Cream babies. We'll have a couple of Spins for you to read here directly. But first, got any plans tonight? Perhaps you've already got your tickets for The Milk Carton Kids' sold-out show at The Belcourt. If that isn't your speed, might I suggest you try this on for size: Local renaissance man and Cream contributor Lance "Lance" Conzett is celebrating his birthday (happy 27th, Lance!) with a very special installment of Mercy Lounge/The High Watt's 8 off 8th series.

Unlike the recent Road to Bonnaroo 8 off 8ths — which won Blank Range, El El and Kansas Bible Company each a ticket to perform at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Fest in June — Lance's installment (dubbed "Cover the Earth") is a low-pressure affair. Eight local non-famous bands will perform covers of songs by eight non-local famous bands. Some of tonight's performers (Sherbert, Roy Ira and Parasite Diet, for instance) typically perform original material, while others (like Cherry Bombs and Wandering Eye, obviously) are true-to-form, full-time covers outfits. Here's the lineup:

Sherbert covering Guided by Voices
Hand of Doom (featuring "members of RI¢HIE, Ascent of Everest, Evil Bebos and others") covering Black Sabbath
Wandering Eye covering Ween
Cherry Bombs covering The Runaways
Here Comes the Regulars (featuring "members of Scale Model, Gay Vibes and Fragments of God") covering The Replacements
Roy Ira covering Mogwai
Parasite Diet covering Descendents
BATMAN (???)

Will Sherbert play "Game of Pricks"? Will Here Comes the Regulars play "Bastards of Young"?? Will Cherry Bombs play "Cherry Bomb"??? The answer to all three of those questions damn well better be yes. As always, the 8 off 8th is free, and it starts at 9 p.m. Sources indicate that "there might be cake." [FB event page]


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