Circuit Benders' Ball Announces 2014 Lineup



Some exciting news came our way from the Circuit Benders' Ball camp this week: After months of preparation, the full lineup is here! As in past CBBs, there's an even mix of locals and acts from around the country, united in their creative approaches to creating music by making technology do things it was never intended or expected to do. The fest will take over maker-space Fort Houston in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood for three days, April 11-13. Thanks in part to the expanded time, this year there are 31 performers, three special presentations and 11 panels, plus seven different workshops, eight artists doing live visuals and another six presenting in the circuit-bent art gallery, with more TBA.

Among many curiosity-piquing acts, the lineup includes nationally known hardware hackers Tim Kaiser and Jeff Boynton, as well as local experimenters like Morgan Higby-Flowers, Robbie Lynn Hunsinger and Matt the PM and Pimpdaddy Supreme tag-teamin' it as and Workshoppe Radio Phonik. (You can even see a couple of the locals, Graphic Tease and half of Hadals, at Betty's this Sunday night.) Performances range in scope from wrestling electronic toys into submission, to miniature symphonies for long-dead keyboards brought back to life with strange new powers, to wizards who transmute light into sound and more; panels and workshops give participants an opportunity to try their own hand at this electric sorcery.

Weekend passes to the ball are only $35 in advance. Along with single-day tickets and admission slots to the individual workshops (which are separate from tickets or passes), they're are slated to go on sale tomorrow, March 29, at Fort Houston's website. To keep the experience intimate and avoid overflowing the space, tickets are limited to 100, so don't miss out! (Plus, weekend passes bought in advance come with an LED-enhanced lanyard — would you expect anything less from hardware hackers?)

Check out Tony Youngblood's post on the CBB website for full details, and take a look at the complete 2014 lineup after the jump.


Tim Kaiser, Duluth, MN
Jeff Boynton, Los Angeles, CA
SURVANT (Patrick Quinn), Brooklyn, NY
Brendan Byrne, Brooklyn, NY
stAllio! (Benjamin Berg), Indianapolis, IN
Garland Villanova, Chicago, IL
Noise Furniture (Christopher Lavery), Murray, KY
Robbie Lynn Hunsinger
Workshoppe Radio Phonik (Matt the PM and Pimpdaddysupreme)
David Wright Lagrone
Cher Von, Louisville, KY
Hadals (Anderson Cook and Austin Gaines), Montgomery, AL
Aether Jag (Bridget Venuti), Chattanooga, TN
Graphic Tease (Maddy Madeira)
Hardon Collider (Brendan Mucillo), Cincinnati, OH
Electric Inertia (Jonathan Hancock), Crescent Springs, KY
Pink Merkin (Aric Vance), Ashville, NC
WΛ∀E (Devin Bell and Jacque Fullwood)
Morgan Higby-Flowers, Clarksville, TN
Abandoned On Fire (Arnie Holder), Bowling Green, KY
b4by f4c3 (Frank Angotti), Hobart, IN
The Tree Is Base (Paul Horton)
sugar sk*-*lls (Ben Marcantel)
Brady Sharp
dish_drone_dish_drone_dish_drone (Virginia Griswold and Morgan Higby-Flowers), Clarksville, TN
Carl Oliver
Mike Hester
Tim Carey (84001)
Dylan Ethier
Skoolgirl (Stan Richardson)
Age (Josh Gumiela & Luke Rainey)

With special presentations by:
Kurt James Werner, Ph.D. candidate in Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics at Stanford, inventor of the iOS circuit bending app
Black Cat Sylvester and crew, inventors of the SynthTable
Chris Richards, inventor of Knew Beat, a device that conducts, composes and arranges music by motion

Art by:
Kellie Bornhoft
Robbie Lynn Hunsinger
Osvaldo Gonzalez
Brittanie Jackson
Alexis Jones
Jonathan Hancock
More TBA

Live visuals by:
Meltface Video Destruction (Devin Lamp)
xephedradap (Colin Diesh)
Patricia Faulkner
b4by f4c3 vs. Abandoned on Fire
Jeffrey Stanfill
Matt the PM
Morgan Higby-Flowers
More TBA

Featuring the panels:
Introduction to Circuit Bending
Making Music by Code Alone
Society of the Spectacle: Culture Jamming, Détournement, and Tactical Media
Fair Use, Artistic Appropriating, and Culture Jamming (Pt. 2)
Glitch Art / Dirty New Media
Visual Bending
Structural Biases in Local Show Booking
Chiptune Art
Electronic Enclosures Design
Computer Models of Circuit Bending
Towards a Circuit Bending Standardization

Featuring the workshops:
Playdoh Vs. Lego: A Composer's Take on Hacker-Culture by Kyle Baker (Soundcrawl co-founder)
Piezo Mic Making by Christopher Lavery
Hacking the Gameboy by Abandoned On Fire and b4by f4c3
Let's Build a Hex-Schmitt Trigger Oscillator by Christopher Lavery
Subverting Google by Patrick Quinn
Bending with Photoresistors! by Jeff Boynton
Microcontrol of a Macroworld: Physical Computing with Arduino by Josh Gumiela

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