Watch Diarrhea Planet’s Entire Freakin’ Weekend V Performance



When it comes to amalgamating the sizeable sounds, hooks, attitudes and arm-around-your-buddy towering triumph of bands like Fucked Up, The Descendents, Dinosaur Jr. and Andrew WK in gang-vocal- and guitarmony-replete fashion, Diarrhea Planet is the shit. And DP ain’t just Nashville’s shit anymore, as even the most cursory glance through any list of this week’s SXSW showcases and parties in Austin reveals just how hard the band is buzzing nationwide.

But at least for now, there’s still nothing quite like watching the band bring it for the hometown crowd, as they did once again at Freakin’ Weekend V last, uh, weekend. I mean, where else are you gonna see Infinity Cat Grand Poobah Bob Orrall do his best Keith Morris, fronting the band on a stage-shattering, 45-second hardcore slammer “Anyone Can Be a Punk.”

Now, thanks to crowd sourcing, Freakenders can relive (and other fans worldwide can enjoy) that moment (at the 22:53 mark), plus every other second of the hour-or-so-long set, as not one but two YouTubers have uploaded long-playing videos of the band’s Exit/In performance in its entirety.

The first version (above) is shot from the club’s balcony, boasting an unobstructed bird’s eye view. And the second (below) is captured from onstage, giving viewers a fly-on-the-wall vista of the ceaselessly swelling and surfing crowd from the band’s perspective.

So check it out! Sync it up on multiple screens and speakers! Zaireeka that shit! It’s your life!

Of particular interest to all DP fans — and those in the tight-knit local-rock community especially — is the band’s performance of a brand-new song (at around the 15-minute mark) that frontman Jordan Smith tells the crowd is about one of his favorite memories of late Nashville’s Dead founder Ben Todd, to whom he dedicates the performance.

The inevitably wistful, anthemic tune (which unfortunately doesn’t get name-checked) tells the story of when Todd was the lone soul to help Smith crowd-surf a friend for the first time at a Glenn Danzig’s House show. As the band plays on, dozens of attendees stage-dive and crowd-surf in Todd’s honor.


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