Photo Ops' 'Chameleons'; See Them Tomorrow at The East Room [Fresh Vid]



A few weeks ago, local power-pop outfit Codaphonic unveiled the video for their tune "Oh Radio!," which was directed by 'Phonic frontman Cody Newman and art-directed by "local creative type" (I refuse to call her anything else) Elizabeth Williams. The duo has teamed up once again to create a video for Photo Ops, the project of pop-savvy indie rocker Terry Price. The song is "Chameleons," a lush, mid-tempo, even-keeled rock number, and you can watch the video above. I've compared Photo Ops to tuneful, dreamy European bands like Kent, Travis, Doves and early Radiohead on more than one occasion, so I'll spare you this time. Just dig in and enjoy.

Photo Ops will play The East Room's anniversary show tomorrow night alongside The Features and Babe City (nee Hannah Barbarians). Have a look at contributor Lance Conzett's Critic's Pick on that one.


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