Jason Isbell Threatens to Boycott Arizona If Governor Doesn’t Veto Anti-Gay Bill



Last week we learned that Nashville-via-Alabama Americana star Jason Isbell doesn’t stand for fighting at his gigs. And this week we learn that he doesn’t stand for anti-gay legislative bullshit in the terminally conservative state of Arizona.

This morning, Isbell suggested via Twitter that unless Grand Canyon State Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes the controversial Senate Bill 1062 — which would allow businesses to deny services to (and thus discriminate against) the LGBT community — he would boycott Arizona.

“If Brewer doesn't veto this anti-gay bill, you won't be seeing me in Arizona, for whatever that's worth,” the singer tweeted.

Perhaps said saber-rattle worked, as Brewer (an Isbell fan?) is reportedly expected to veto the legislation.

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