The Week in Fresh Track [Sherbert, The Unsemble, Denney and the Jets, Hammock, Honey Locust, Night Beds, Kin Ship]



Once again, it's been a very strong week on the local front. We already got a taste of Isaiah Rashad's brand-new Cilvia Demo and the latest from metal outfit Inferi, but you can follow me below to hear further new action from Sherbert, The Unsemble, Denney and the Jets, Hammock, Honey Locust, Night Beds and Kin Ship. As always, visit past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Sherbert, 2013 Never Happened

As noted by my colleague Steve Haruch in his Critic's Pick for tomorrow night's Sherbert cassette release at Melrose Billiards, frontwoman Michelle Sullivan and her band have a collection of "boppy, fun-sarcastic fuzz-pop songs" by the name of 2013 Never Happened (I know how you feel, Sherb). Well, if you can't wait until tomorrow (or don't wanna brave the smoky, subterranean vibes of Melrose), you can purchase the shimmering, ditty-riddled 2013 now via Sherbert's Bandcamp page — $5 for digital, $7 for the cassette. Stream it above.

The Unsemble, "Waves"

Over at Alarm Magazine, sometime Scene contributor Saby Reyes-Kulkarni recently shared "Waves" from The Unsemble — a new trio featuring virtuosic players Duane Dennison (The Jesus Lizard), Brian Kotzur (Silver Jews, Tim Chad and Sherry) and Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten). The tune — which will be featured on The Unsemble's eponymous debut, due out in March via Ipecac — "blurs the lines between soundtrack noir, new wave, musique concrète, chamber drone, experimental jazz and rock with deceptive ease," writes Saby. Pretty cool, heady (but succinct) stuff. Head over there to stream it.

Denney and the Jets, "Bye Bye Queenie"

If there's one thing local rock 'n' rollers Denney and the Jets do well, it's making Stones-y, drug-addled, Southern-fried juke-joint jams. They'll release their Andrija Tokic-recorded LP Mexican Coke (great name; Mexican Coca-Cola is my jam) on April 8 via Limited Fanfare and Burger Records, but for now, you can hear the track "Bye Bye Queenie" above or via Fanfare's Soundcloud page. Hard-groovin' stuff.

Hammock, "Baritone Recovery"

So, Marc Byrd of local post-rockers Hammock recently underwent surgery, and he came out on the other side with a little gift for fans. Here, I'll just let his bandmate Andrew Thompson explain it to you:

This has been a long time coming. After months of physical therapy, epidurals, cortisone injections and lots of pain meds Marc finally had to have neck surgery about a month ago. This is the first audio sketch that Marc created since his surgery. So in celebration, we're giving it away for free. This is just a sketch/an incomplete idea. The baritone guitar was performed in one take with no edits. Will we expand this piece? Will this piece even make it onto a Hammock record? Who knows…We're just glad Marc is/was able to create again. He still has some recovery in his future but he's on the mend. Thank you everyone for all your support. It's everything to us.


Very cool. Stream "Baritone Recovery" above, or download it for free via Hammock's Bandcamp page.

Honey Locust, "Wilderness"

Back in October, local folksters Honey Locust shared the video for "Honey Pot" from their forthcoming album The Great Southern Brood. I called it "thoughtfully arranged, lyrical, appropriately autumnal and somewhat sentimental folk music." Honey Locust will celebrate the release of Brood at The Stone Fox on Feb. 28, and they've got a new song to tease the record with: "Wilderness." Stream it above or via Honey Locust's Soundcloud page.

Night Beds, "The Way the Whole Thing Ends" (Gillian Welch cover), "Was I for You" and "Wanted You in August"

Colorad-raised current local Winston Yellen and his Night Beds were recently in Denver, where they recorded a "Mile Marker" session for the site Reverb. They played two numbers from last year's Country Sleep, as well as a cover of Gillian Welch's "The Way the Whole Thing Ends." Stream above or via Reverb.

Kin Ship, "Monster"

Local indie rockers Kin Ship probably don't get the attention they deserve, so let's begin to remedy that. They have a brand-new tune by the name of "Monster," and you can stream that above or download it for any price you like via Kin Ship's Bandcamp page. The Shippers are admittedly influenced by The Kinks, and you can hear it a bit in their jangly, up-tempo, pop-edged "rock and soul." Dig in.

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