Golden Nugget: Yamboo's 'Oh Suzanna' [Oh, the Humility]



Pop quiz, country music fans! What happens when Germans sing about Alabama? What do you get when you cross “Cotton-Eyed Joe” with "Roll Tide"?

The answer: Yamboo!

Yamboo was (is?) an almost un-Google-able Aughts-era “tanzhammer-pop” duo from Deutschland that made such a significant global, cultural impact as to not even have its own Wiki stub, let alone an entry. Check out the group’s video for its jaw-dropping 2006 cover of American music patriarch Stephen Foster’s “Oh, Susanna” (but they spell it "Oh, Suzanna") for some fun and confounding lazy Friday LOLs. You know, because it’s Friday!

As Cream contributor Ashley Spurgeon put it, “Lots to unpack here.”

Now venture after the jump to check out a couple RIYL-Yamboo videos that pair well with this one. You know, because it’s Friday.

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