Where the Party At? Tomorrow Night at The East Room



Neither Nelly nor Jagged Edge may be on the cutting edge of hip-hop these days, but we can say with pride that plenty of the hottest action is right here. I was already pumped about the Comedy Mafia show at The East Room tomorrow night — they honestly didn't grab me the first time I saw 'em, but they have been busy as hell all year, and are now one of my favorite troupes — but while I was getting picky and critical about it, local MC and promoter Al-D booked a bangin' hip-hop show in the same spot for the after-party. Kaby, whose H.E.R.E. made our "Best of Nashville" issue with Best Hip-Hop Album this year, was booked to headline but had to step down due to medical issues — get well soon! Up-and-comer Young Quael jumped in to take his place, with Nathan Grey and Al-D himself rounding out the bill. The Boom Bap's DJ Rate, whose top-shelf beat production blended effortlessly with Al's wordplay to make Free Delivery our Best Mix-Tape of 2013, will be on the decks all night.

Let's recap the rundown: Doors open at 7:30 p.m., comedy runs from 8 to 10-ish, and hip-hop starts at 10:30. See the whole thing for one $7 ticket; if you're stuck at the jobbity-job til the hip-hop starts, admission drops to $5 at 10:30. Check out the Facebook event here, and preview the talent after the jump.

The founder of tonight's hip-hop feast, Al-D, promotes a monthly underground hip-hop night called Meant for the Milkcrate. An underground event can be a mixed bag, but Al and his crew deserve credit for consistently making MFTM an enjoyable show, one that strikes a great balance between giving new faces a chance and highlighting outstanding talent. If you haven't heard his latest work yet, get on that:

Young Quael has been busy on the TSU campus and around town for a while now, strengthening his rhymes and polishing his delivery til he can see himself in it.

Nathan Grey is also getting busy, seen here rapping over one of the best uses of a Weeknd sample I've heard yet.

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