Quiet Life w/Carey Kotsionis Tonight at The Stone Fox



A band from Portland! We haven’t seen one of those since, um, last night? Thank the maker that the Portland scene is about as diverse as the day is long, because we need some quality country-rock to make sure we have a balanced West Coast diet. Quiet Life keeps it raw and rocking, cranking out overdriven country licks and pushing it into the red on the brand-spanking-new LP Wild Pack. It’s especially refreshing in the wake of the CMA clusterfuck and all the self-fellating that comes from Music Row’s weeklong back-patting sesh.

Quiet Life is joined by Carey Kotsionis, one of our favorite locals, who’s a stunning songwriter and a consummate side player — her Discogs page reads like a who’s who of who’s awesome in Music City. Tonight's show starts at 9 p.m. and costs $5.

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