Openmic's 'The New Black' [Fresh Vid]



Socially conscious local hip-hop artist Openmic is clearly a performer who values substance over style. In his brand-new Spencer Glover-directed video for "The New Black" (watch above), Openmic delivers his lines directly into the camera from an unfurnished room between shots of him getting his hair trimmed. While plugs for Black Hippy and Wu-Tang and this proverb are scrawled on the walls of the room, we're not distracted from Mic's message by flash or the cheap tropes of the stereotypical rap video. According to local hip-hop blogs Break on a Cloud and 2L's on a Cloud, Openmic had the following to say about "The New Black":

"The New Black" presents my ideas from a pro-black perspective culturally and then the idea of riding your own wave. My music is essentially the new black. I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been…not to mention the beat is crazy. You can’t deny the music.

The Brandon Jones-produced "The New Black" will be featured on Openmic's follow-up to the 2011 release For the Rebels. The forthcoming record is reportedly titled, appropriately enough, For the Rebels 2. See more at Mic's website.

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