Todd Snider and Elizabeth Cook Get High in East Nashville Tonight Trailer



Talk about half-baked! Check out the trailer (above) for fraternal film-director duo Todd and Brad Barnes’ drug-fueled mockumentary East Nashville Tonight. Starring very real East Side residents and songwriters Todd Snider and Elizabeth Cook, the flick — which screened in “work-in-progress” form at the Nashville Film Festival back in April — was, according a press release (so, you know, grain of salt!) originally intended as an earnest look into Snider and Cook’s lives that “thanks to the influence of drugs and booze” soon devolved into a “hypothetical documentary stoner musical.” So yeah, if you’ve ever wanted to see Middle Tennessee’s world-renowned paradise of gentrified bohemia get a Cheech and Chong-worthy This Is Spinal Tap treatment, here goes.

East Nashville Tonight — which also features appearances from local luminaries the likes of Chuck Mead, Tim Carroll, Peter Cooper, Amanda Shires, members of Turbo Fruits and infamous Gram Parsons road manager and body snatcher Phil Kaufman — streams online starting Nov. 19 via the film’s official site. That is, however, for a fee of $4.99 to $7.99, depending on how many songs you wanna download from the film (plus other options). But as an incentive to East Side indwellers (meaning most of you), East Nashville residents who work in the local music and service industries will receive a discount code. The film will also screen on Nov. 18 at The Belcourt.

"We have no doubt that [East Siders] will do a kick ass job in helping make sure every booze, drug, and sex-loving country music fan watches our film in the comfort of their own home or the friend’s couch where they currently reside,” Todd Barnes says via the release.

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