Will Trent Reznor Return to Five Guys?


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Question: What do Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor and President Barack Obama have in common? No, the answer I’m looking for is not an obsessive love for David Bowie’s Berlin period. It’s Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Old-school Cream readers may recall (but probably don’t) that I spotted Reznor getting his ground-round-chuck chow on at the fast-food chain’s West End location in the hours preceding Nine Inch Nails’ Halloween 2008 appearance at Bridgestone Arena (then known as the Sommet Center). Tonight, Reznor and band return to Music City's downtown dome of enormity, bringing their Tension 2013 Tour with 'em. Does that mean Reznor will return to the West End Five Guys? Road-dog rock stars do tend to have their creature comforts, AMIRITE?

In case you didn’t get the memo, stalking is a crime. BUT, if you do happen to hit up Five Guys for lunch today, and by coincidence, you do indeed spot Reznor reveling in a good ol’ fashioned goth gobble (i.e., a happy meal devoid of joy), and you just so happen to snap a smartphone photo, be sure to tweet it at Nashville Cream, hash tag #WithTeeth.


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