Black Cat Sylvester's 'Elated Bacon' [Fresh Vid + Fresh Track]



Those of you who combed through the recent Best of Nashville 2013 issue of the Scene will recall that local electronic/hip-hop artist Black Cat Sylvester tied for "Best Musical Invention" in our writers' choices thanks to his SynthTable. The SynthTable — which Sylvester unveiled this summer — places, according to the man himself, "the soul of a synthesizer in the body of a turntable."

Well, BCS has a brand-new video for a track created with the SynthTable — it's called "Elated Bacon," and you can see the Craig Hill-shot video above, or hear the track below or via Soundcloud. The video matches the tripped-out, stoner-hop vibe of the song, with plenty of goofy costumery and apartment chillin'. You may see some familiar faces in the video (Maurice "247" Barrett and Jonah Hill lookalike Raw Russ among them); visit the YouTube link for a full list of credits. Anyway, "Bacon" is a catchy track with an infectious groove and an affable video. Basically just what a Monday afternoon needs. Dig in.

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