Hammock's 'Mute Angels' Looks Awesome [Fresh Vid]



Local ambient post-rock duo Hammock (who, by the way, have over 37,000 Facebook "likes," so if you didn't realize they live here and are awesome, catch up on both counts) is known to us for two things: making last year's excellent Departure Songs (which tied for No. 8 in the Scene's Top Local Albums of 2012 critics' poll); and making really, really good-looking music videos (that sometimes have sci-fi elements to them). Well, awesome news for people who like those things. Hammock recently hosted a contest they called "Departure Films," via which they sought a video for their Departure Songs track "Mute Angels." Above you'll find the winning entry, a submission from Brooklyn's Alex Amoling.

The "Angels" video was cut together from a 40-minute thesis film Amoling had previously made, and as you can see — from the visual effects to the lonesome concept itself — it suits the song very well. Visit Hammock's site to read more about Amoling's process of making the film and the video. Purchase Departure Songs via Hammock's Bandcamp page.

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