The Week in Fresh Tracks [The Civil Wars, Diarrhea Planet, Jason Isbell and J.P. White, Magnolia Sons, Jensen Sportag, Sherbert, More]



Well, we've actually already seen a whole smorgasbord of new tunes this week — there's Those Darlins' new single, that great-big Nashville Outlines playlist (which expires after tomorrow, so get on it) and Sosa's new track. Also, The Civil Wars may be on indefinite hiatus, but for the time being, you can stream next week's eponymous LP via iTunes; The Civil Wars is officially released Aug. 6. Follow me below to hear further tunes from Diarrhea Planet, Jason Isbell with John Paul White, Magnolia Sons, Sherbert and Jensen Sportag. As always, visit past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you have something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Diarrhea Planet, "Babyhead"

Local pop-punk boy toys Diarrhea Planet will celebrate their Infinity Cat release I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams on Aug. 20, and they're already on the warpath: They released "Separations," and then "Kids," and now comes the two-minute, classic rock-cribbing "Babyhead." Perhaps more here than with any other track, D.P. shows their love for Midwestern rock and big arena anthems (i.e., Springsteen and The Who), and then passes it through a finger-tapping, over-the-top filter of party-punk decadence. Stream the tune above or via Soundcloud.

Jason Isbell and John Paul White, "Old Flame" (Alabama cover)

So, High Cotton: A Tribute to Alabama will be released Sept. 17 via Lighting Rod Records, and one of the tunes in the collection is Jason Isbell and The Civil Wars' John Paul White performing "Old Flame." It's a sentimental number to begin with, and this is an especially earnest version. Stream it above or via Soundcloud. Other performers on that Alabama tribute, by the way, include Lucero, Old Crow Medicine Show and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Magnolia Sons, "A Piece Worth Picking Up"

Retro-soul outfit Magnolia Sons like doing things the old-school way, and I ain't just talking about their aesthetic. I'm also talking about how they release music — one single at a time. They've got a new joint called "A Piece Worth Picking Up," and like most of their previous joints, it's steeped in classic sounds — nodding to the outfits I've compared the Sons to before (Smokey and the Miracles, The Temptations, Ike and Tina and plenty of folks on Motown or Atlantic or Stax/Volt). Stream "A Piece" above, or download it for a buck via Magnolia Sons' Bandcamp page.

Jensen Sportag, "Bellz"

Hey! Super-smooth, uber-cool, '80s-styled electro duo Jensen Sportag is back with their first new tune in two years. It's called "Bellz," and it comes from their forthcoming debut LP. (How is it that they haven't released a full-length yet?) Anyway, all the edges are sanded and polished down — this tune is all sleek, creamy contours and grinding hips. Stream it above or via Soundcloud.

Sherbert, This Never Happened EP

Hey, all right. Punky power-popsters Sherbert are unveiling their debut EP This Never Happened. Of course, they've been leaking it a track at a time, and the whole thing is finally here. I won't subject you to yet another Best Coast comparison, or repeat myself by calling this collection "bright, dreamy, sunshiny indie-pop" again. Just have a listen to This above, or purchase it for $3 via Bandcamp.

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